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Almost since the beginning of time people have shared their love with others. All of us will have at some time been able to read a poem which expressed a depth of love for someone. We are aware that throughout history one of the popular ways of showing romantic love has been through writing or speaking out a love poem.

For some people these would have been a sonnet (for example Shakespeare wrote tons of these). For others they would have been simply a short romantic loving poem scribbled or carefully written out in a letter sent to someone miles away or even just in the next room. There is just no limit to the variety of ways lovers have of sharing their feelings and desires for their special someone.

Andrew Marvell wrote a lengthy essay on the subject of defining what love and love poems were. It was obviously for a school or college academic project. Personally I believe it missed the concept of deep love being shared through written love poems as being the means of sharing something deep inside the heart and mind of two people.

Best Love Poems

Our Be(more)Romantic website is publishing a large number of the top popular and best love poems for you to choose from. Many of them will be classic poetry from history others will be new modern written in the last few years. Many will be written by famous people (perhaps well known writers) others will be people just like you and me. In fact we want to publish your love poems as well see below for how to submit your work.

Do you know the best kept secret for learning how to write your loved one a truly romantic love poem?

its very simple spend some time reading other romantic love poems such as those we publish here. You will find inspiration and ways of expressing yourself that will give you a a quick easy start. Having written a few love poems improve your writing by returning here and reading some more.

Don’t forget to send them to us as well. We will publish them with or without you name alongside as you chose and perhaps our other readers will give you some guidance on how to do even better.

Short Love Poems and Quotes

Are you looking for fairly unique love quotes to slip into a letter telling him or her that you miss them deeply and long to be with them again? Looking to find the perfect short love verse to put in someones lunch box/bag? I still remember very clearly a love poem I was sent some ten years and I still cherish it’s memory even now. This is the sort of thing that lovers remember long after the bunch of flowers die and the necklace needs fixing.

Yes you would really be surprised at how simple short love poems you can send to your lover will open up their heart and mind connecting you both across time and distance like nothing else ever will.

Romantic Love Poems

love poems grows like my rose
People say that music is the food of love. But if you think about it almost all love songs were written first as romantic love poems. I have heard them being used during wedding vows as people publicly shared their commitment to each other. At other times they have appeared in wedding speeches, on cards accompanying romantic gifts for wedding anniversaries.

How you think your loved one would feel if you sent them a ten year wedding anniversary card with the words of a short love poem that you spoke during your wedding ceremony?

I know I would be thrilled that even all those years my husband still clearly remembered that simple short romantic love poem we shared together as part of our marriage vows.

Submit Your Love Poems to Us

All of us can write a love poem. It may not be in the same world class level of love poetry that might win you a Nobel Prize for Literature. But I know from so many of our readers writing in that they have been affected by the mere thought their lover took the the time to write even short love poems for them.

We are setting up a special page to help you submit your love poems so they don’t get corrupted as they fly through hyperspace to us. Whilst that is being developed please send me a short email to say you want to submit your love poem to us and we will send you back a special password that will get you into the space.

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