I Miss You Love Letters

I Miss You When You Are Not With Me But It Is So Good To Hear From You Again

I miss you when you are not here

I Miss You

How many times has the words I miss you been written in a love letter?  Countless times!

Those words are probably the most used term in love letters written to your loved one after the phrase “”I love you””.

In fact most of us believe in our hearts that those little words “I Miss You” almost say the same as “I love you”.

What do those “missing you” words convey?

I is a very simple shortcut way of saying “you are on my mind in my heart and I am thinking of you”. But it also says so much more than that.

Quick question.

What are you going through when you are driven to write a I Miss You love letter?

In my eyes it is saying

“I’m missing you so much that you’ve been on my mind all day and night.”

“I really had to write this letter today because I am missing you so much that I can´t stop thinking about you, even if I try my hardest not to.”

“I need to begin by saying I´m almost dying, I miss you so much.”

“I can´t wait until this tormenting is over, I miss you so much I just can´t wait until I have you back, really close to me, hugging me, receiving my care, kisses and hugs.”

But does not actually say it so is your loved one actually reading and understanding the depth of love you have for him/her and how much you are missing him? Maybe you just need a little help to get your real meanings fully across to them.

What more can I say? I just miss you so much!

There is so much more than that however you also be saying but sometimes we just get lost for words to say. Looking for extra help in express yourself in a love letter or note. Sometimes a short love note can say and mean just as much as full letter of love can do.

Many people have already found that using a set of templates are a great way of inspiring them to be able to write a more loving love letter. They are just the thing when you get Writers Block and we all suffer from that from time to time, don’t we?

There is only one collection of these templates that I feel able to able to recommend nowadays and has been the case ever since Jill published it a couple of years ago. It covers not only templates which are easily adapted but tons of information about writing love notes short SMS messages along with love quotes which you use anywhere and everywhere. Have a look at this love letter collection here.

I promise you will be able to write the most outstanding loving messages using it. But and this is even more important your love letters will come across as personal from your heart not a book.

Having used it few times you will find you can compose a fabulous love letter expressing your deepest feelings even without these books as an aid because they will come naturally to you. Just have a look here.

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