Famous Love Letters

What Do We Mean By Famous Love Letters?

famous love letter writer woodrow wilson
Some Questions For You

  • Are we looking at famous love letters that have been written by famous writers of books and poetry?
  • Or is it romantic love letters that are written by people who are famous for other reasons?
  • Or even romantic love letters that have become famous for some reason for example because of
    • the impact they had and changed people’s lives?
    • the time and/or place when the letter was written?

Well I think it is all of them.  Any love letter appearing in this famous love letter section of our website could fall into one two or all of the above categories.

Lets face it, Woodrow Wilson (above) was famous for being the American President. We have copies of now famous love letters that helped to influence his wife to marry him. Should these be regarded as famous love letters for that reason alone? Or because he was the USA President?

Soldiers also wrote a lot of these famous love letters

Members of the armed forces from around the world were regular love writers.

Napoleon Bonaparte wrote hundreds of of love letters mainly to Josephine but not only her. He would write a love letter several times a day when he was away leading his army into battles. Some of them were what you would call purely romantic in nature saying how much she meant to him. Sometimes he used the same letters to also deal with practical living issues (e.g. her safety or housekeeping arrangements with his brother) whilst he was away from her.

We also have a large collection of unknown and famous love letters written by soldiers the night before an American Civil War battle including some men who died in that battle.

It was their way of keeping in touch with people with whom it would be called a long distance relationship.

Theater people such as actors and dancers were writing love letters all the time as they went out on tour. The same for famous writers and poets but we also have scientists who were at the time researching into cures for cancer.

Here you will also read letters that are written by famous people. But you will also find them in other categories such as missing you love letters if they fit into that category better. It is so difficult to separate famous romantic love letters into neat piles.

But I hope you approve of our choice.


Famous Love Letters 3: Napoleon Bonaparte
Famous Love Letters 3: Napoleon Bonaparte