Love Letters Demystified

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Love Letters For Him or Her

We have brought together a large selection of over two hundred love letters previously published on our sister site Love Letters Central which we decided to merge into this website. As you may know love letters have been written throughout history. Indeed love letters have been found that date back to even before the birth of Jesus over two thousand years ago we have even republished some here for your information.

We all know that love can be expressed so easily in tons of different ways. However some expressions of love come across as being more meaningful than others. I believe strongly that the writing of love letters (or even simple short love notes) to a loved one will always be far more effective long lasting and memorable than almost any other.  Except possibly a deeply personalized love poem. But then not all of us can write love poetry.

Whereas with just a little practice everyone of us can churn out very deeply romantic love letters that will reach the inner parts of your lover’s heart.

Have you ever tried writing  deep passionate love letters to him (or her)?  Are you prepared to write them a seductive love letter including a variety of sweet romantic and passionate love quotes?

Write Love Letters To Him Or Her

Use the sweet or hot love letters that we give you here as templates (or just enjoy reading for themselves). Take a letter as a full template and follow the wording changing it in ways that will make it more meaningful to your loved one as the recipient. You should never use any of the love letters here as it  stands. That is dangerous. After all they may have visited this site and may recognise it.

If they do recall seeing it before that will totally kill off the good impression you were hoping to make. DON’T RISK IT!

That advice includes even writing beautiful love letters for her no matter how deep those emotional love letters for him can be.

Famous Love Letters

Some Famous Love Letters have become famous because of the person who wrote it or the person to whom it was written.  Most of these Love Letters were not written originally for the general public to read but have since found their way into the public domain.  Some of the written expressions of love that we are publishing here were written by world renown leaders of countries.  For example, we have published some examples written by 3 USA presidents, 2 UK Prime Ministers, 4 Kings plus several by a French dictator, army generals etc. Others by published authors and poets who you would expect to be able to write them.

But the vast majority of love letters straight from the heart were written by ordinary people just like you and me. Hey, if I can write a deep love letter then so can you.

Write Your Own Love Letters Today

Since we first got involved in publishing love letters and helping others to discover the best techniques of writing them we must have checked out virtually every learn to write love letters package on the market. I have to say the word virtually there just in case we missed one. However we have together checked out every one we have come across.  So we know which are good, which are mediocre and which are absolutely rubbish.

There is only one package we can safely hand on heart truly recommend now. Note we paid hard cash for it and studied it intently. The main book will take you through step by step through the process of taking one of her free love letters to copy and discovering how to adapt it to fit exactly what need to be writing now to suit YOUR particular circumstances. We can guarantee that if you simply follow her advice you will be writing love letters that will bring a smile to their face. The smiles are so deep they start coming though straight from the bottom of their heart.  Just have a look here at Love Letter Templates and see what I mean.

Whats more the supporting material includes a method of producing the most successful love notes and short SMS messages. Plus some of the best methods of sending/giving them I have come across. Yes, you can sneak a love message inside his or her packed lunch or inside a book you know they will look at. But there are tons of other ways you can make their heart jump with joy as they find your loving note to him or her.  At least have a look at it and see what is included for yourself. Love Letter templates book.

Note this guide will help whether you are trying to write a romantic love letters that will make her cry or seductive love letter for him or her. Any type of meaningful  letters that will tell them how much you love them.